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Congratulations!!!!!! it's pretty cool!!!! I have a son and he`s 10 and like you he`s absolutely fan of Star Trek!!

you are quite clever and following in moms creative footsteps
or finger steps

loved your project!!!!
others will too

stick with the arts you have the "gene"

i"m really happy too

That is really really cool! My friend Megan sent me the link and my whole family thought it was awesome.

Live long and prosper ;)

Awsome project!

Very cool Paper Ninja, I will pass this along

Welcome to Blogland! I can't wait to see what future projects and ideas you'll share here!

You have a mention over on my blog and I will add a button to my sidebar as soon as I have some time.


Awesome, Paper Ninja! I love the clear and detailed step-by-step instructions. Can't wait to see more.

This is awesome! Great job!

A really professional tutorial with interest for a wide range of readers. Wishing you great success with the blog. Congratulations.


sO wHo wOn?

What's NeXT?

Now that is a cool project, cannot wait to see what you do next.
thanks for sharing.
connie paxman

Hey Paper Ninja, thanks so much for posting this. My friends and I made a music video based on Star Trek, and we used home made badges from your pattern! Keep up the good work, and check it out in action at:

Hi, thanks for posting this tutorial! We are using it for our Halloween costumes.

Hey I just found this article because I made my own Trek costume for Halloween. I didn't want to go out and buy a whole dumb sheet of gold wrapping paper or anything - the gum wrapper thing was brilliant! And then I had gum also :) Thanks! Oh and PS - my parents smoke cigs with gold foil that comes off the top when you open them so I made my friends out of those LOL, just saying.

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