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February 22, 2009


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I simply adore "Circles of Care" stone ... makes me want to gather up collected stones and start painting! :)


Your "circle of care" stone is just beautiful as is your affirmation poster.Your are so creative and talented. As you very well know, I am in outer space-lol But someone has to have a parlor on Pluto! Your are always welcome to stop by and sit a spell:)

Megan Warren

Wow - you've just given me another great idea - now to find a rock!


what an ispiring post! i love your circle rock too!
what a perfect way to start my day and work week!


Fabulous circle stone - it definitely rocks.

I love the way the inspiration spiral works and your name for it!


You blow me away Kathryn. When I began visiting your blog I immediately knew you were creatively talented. But geez, you are gaining so much momentum. I love being a witness to it.


I love the picture of your poster in Belgium. That must be so gratifying for you to see. Your work is important and valued. Keep going. You'll figure out the controls soon enough.



Check out my blog for the Lemonade Award. Yours if you wish!

Thanks for all that you do.


This really amazing. I never would have thought so much art cold be done on one rock. I used to write sayings on river rocks with my Granddaughter, it was nothing to talk about. But she loved the feel of the stones. She was two...I was ?
Hugs, Mary


What a beautiful stone! I love the circles and your vision about guidance. Your post inspires me a lot!

Greetz from Ghent


Brilliant post. I love your stone. You have talent radiating from you!


what a wonderful gift your affirmation poster is!!

i feel the same way as you about guides. the circle stone you've created is such a great visual!!


Awesome. I just found you and I'm so glad. I tried to download the poster several times, but it only comes out a blank white page. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

Connie Paxman

Kathryn, just stopping by to say how much I love your blog.
I am handing out an award please stop by my blog to pick up your award ( copy paste) logo.. and if you have time please play along in passing on the award.
connie paxman


hihi... I recognize the photo of the poster...

I think I will copy him one day on a bigger format ( A3 or so), so the affirmations are easier to read.
I want it in color, cause I don't only like the affirmations to read but also the composition and the colors you used...:)

Your rock ROCKS!!
What it means to you is great , but it is a very beautiful object just to see it : the swirls, the dots, the colors... (hmm, I think I'm a bit prejudiced about these colors...)

greets from Belgium

PS : I spotted someone from Ghent ( quite close from where I live) on your comments... Must visit her online... maybe we meet in the future and when you come over one day ?

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